2023-24 Playoff Package Options

Feb. 20, 2024 at 11:57 a.m. MST

Available Package Options to watch the 2023-24 AJFHL Playoff Series LIVE:

- 2023-24 AJFHL Playoff All Access Pass - get access to all playoff rounds including finals.

- AJFHL Playoff First Two Rounds Pass - provides access to all games in the first two rounds only. This pass does not include the final round.

- 2023-24 AJFHL Playoff Final Round Pass - provides access to the final round (5 games) and will be made available once the final teams are determined.

- Each playoff game will have the option to buy a single game for $14.99 called "Stream Only".

Any purchased download will be available for downloading as a mp4 file within an hour post game.

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